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At Willow Animal Hospital, We Put the Spotlight on Pets


The staff members at Willow Animal Hospital aren’t just veterinarians, specialists, technicians, assistants, and office staff. We are also animal lovers who take great joy in getting to know our very special patients.

Every week, we will spotlight one dog or cat that has touched our hearts—so that pet can touch your heart, too. Enjoy!

Pet of the Week

Introducing -Cheddar

Goooooooob Morning!

This week’s pet is Cheddar who came, with his foster family The Golden Ratio to see Dr. Smith last month for a full health assessment and a neuter after he was picked up as a stray in West Virginia. He is available for adoption via GRREAT Golden Retriever Rescue Education and Training

Cheddar is a 9-10 year-old Golden who wants nothing more than to snuggle up and nap next to you all day. He is a sweet, affectionate boy who wags his tail constantly when his humans are around. Cheddar is mostly blind from cataracts, but it doesn’t cause him many problems. He can go up and down stairs and navigates quite well. He is in great health and his only medication is an affordable twice-daily eye drop.

Cheddar gets along well with other dogs, though he hasn’t shown much interest in playing with them or with toys; he’s a human-focused boy! His ideal day is full of naps, lots of petting, and the occasional snack. He is a true, affectionate couch potato! He is perfectly housebroken and has good house manners, so he can be trusted with free run of the house. He can be coaxed into a short walk, but doesn’t need or want much exercise beyond a gentle, short meander around the yard.

He can be left alone for 6 hours, but he prefers to be next to people, so a home where humans are around during the day would be ideal. If you’re looking for a sweet, mellow, low-maintenance dog, Cheddar may be for you!

Cheddar is currently in Florida working on his memoir, but will be returning to the DMV after Thanksgiving, so if you’re interested in meeting him, please fill out an adoption application at GRREAT.

Editor’s note: I have met Cheddar and he is the most sweet, most lovely, big pawed delicious creature and do not think we haven’t thought about whether he’d fit in at our house. 18/10


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